We are the architects of tomorrow.

Today’s education systems were built by yesterday’s leaders. It’s time to transform. It’s time to design systems to support every student, family, and community. 

This playbook gives you the tools, resources, and support you need to lead differently and advance equity through the pursuit of ever better. Get started now. 

Core drivers of Leading Through Learning

Pursuit of ever better systems, structures, services, and outcomes requires ever better leadership.

As a learning leader, your job is to:


Case Study Leading Through Learning in Practice: Partners in School Innovation

Explore how learning leaders at Partners in School Innovation scaled their organization to advance equity for over 1 million students.

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The most powerful thing you can do in school transformation…is both give power to and hold adults in the system accountable for their own learning.”

Chris Thorn

Chief of Programs and Partnerships
Partners in School Innovation

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