Phase 2
Step 3

Populate your Theory of Leadership actions

Timing - 90 Minutes / driver

In this activity, you will populate your Theory of Leadership actions section.

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Once your outcomes and impacts are drafted, your team can begin detailing the leadership actions you are taking or will take in the future to support learning and improvement in your system.

Let’s get started.

Tools & Materials

Theory of Leadership activity template with short- and long-term goals completed

Suggested Preparation
  • Review Playbook Drivers A-D 

  • Review your Reflect on Current Practice Reflection activity template (Phase 1, Step 3.2)


Start with Driver A, and capture what you’re already doing

Navigate to the Driver A: Strategy as Learning column of the Theory of Leadership activity template.

Review the description for each action and discuss how or if leaders in your system currently enact that driver.

For example, for action A1: Adopt and refine a learning methodology, ask yourself:

  • Does our organization have a standard learning methodology?

  • If yes, how have we adapted it to meet the needs of our system?

Based on the discussion you just had for each numbered action, write down the actions you are already taking on white sticky notes.

Here, it is important to be specific. Record on the sticky notes:

  • Who is or has been responsible for executing each action 

  • Where, when, and how often the action has been enacted

Now articulate what you would like to be doing

Navigate back to your list of short- and long-term goals (on the right side of your Miro board).

Look again at your list of goals. Consider the goals you’ve coded in red or yellow as less common behaviors and mindsets.

Ask yourself, are there leadership actions you could take related to Driver A: Strategy as Learning to help move these goals to green?

For inspiration, return to Playbook Driver A.

Navigate back to the Driver A column. Based on the discussion you just had, write down the actions you want to take on sticky notes with the yellow “New practice” tag.

Repeat Items 2-4 with Drivers B, C, and D.